This workshop will provide background, process and concrete tools for conducting a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory of a company and carbon footprint of a product. The material presented will provide key context, policy trends, and emerging protocols overview, and then present the entire process, including:

  • Selecting relevant protocols and data tools
  • Setting boundaries for your inventory
  • Data gathering
  • Calculating emissions
  • Estimating emissions sources with incomplete data
  • Interpretation of results, and framing of major issues
  • Final reporting writing and other dissemination

Explore your career options with Carol McClelland, green career expert and author of Green Careers for Dummies. This program covers a broad range of careers that boost your triple bottom line impact through sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility. Through a series of practical daily and weekly activities over 10 weeks in September, October and November 2012 you will brainstorm, with Carol's facilitation and coaching, up to 40 green career ideas and then weave together a career vision that best reflects your values, skills and interests. Whether you are reflecting on a career change, exploring ways to have more impact in your career in sustainability or are curious about your next steps professionally, this workshop is an investment in your future. This workshop is the precursor to 2013 Consultants Cohort - so if you are considering your career path this is the best place to start.

ISSP Consultants Cohort: Build A Thriving Sustainability Practice

This master class series will be facilitated by Darcy Hitchcock—author of the award-winning book, The Business Guide to Sustainability and co-founder of ISSP. This is not a workshop with graded assignments. Instead it's more a peer learning group where we...

  • Meet via webinar monthly to listen to guest speakers and interact as a cohort
  • Do peer support activities (eg review each other's marketing materials)
  • Get access to sustainability tools and techniques that you can sell to clients
  • Discuss assigned readings/videos and interact with your cohort between meetings (for moral support, advice, reactions, insights, etc.)
  • Build a support group that can help you even after the class

Join us for a fascinating journey through the world of biomimicry as we read Jay Harman’s new book, The Shark’s Paintbrush: Biomimicry and How Nature is Inspiring Innovation. The wave of the future has been around since the beginning of time: it’s called Nature. Let inventor and entrepreneur Jay Harman introduce you to stunning solutions to some of the world’s thorniest problems.

  • Why does the bumblebee have better aerodynamics than a 747?
  • How can copying a butterfly wing reduce the world’s lighting energy bill by 80 percent?
  • How will fleas’ knees and bees’ shoulders help scientists formulate a nearperfect rubber?

Today an interdisciplinary and international group of scientists, inventors, and engineers is turning to nature to innovate and find elegant solutions to human problems. The principle driving this transformation is called biomimicry, and Harman shares a wide range of examples of how we’re borrowing from natural models to invent profitable, green solutions to pressing industrial challenges. Aimed at a business audience, aspiring entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and general science readers, The Shark’s Paintbrush reflects a force of change in the new global economy that does more than simply gratify human industrial ambition; it teaches us how to live in harmony with nature and opens bright opportunities for a better future.

Entrepreneur and inventor JAY HARMAN is one of the most sought after speakers on biomimicry. As founder and CEO of PAX Scientific and its subsidiaries, he

has designed more efficient industrial equipment, including refrigeration, turbines, boats, fans, mixers, and pumps—all based on biomimicry.

Jay will join us for a webinar on TBD.