Teacher: Alan AtKisson

This course will teach you the VISIS Method and introduce you to the Accelerator tools and methods. If you pass the assignments, you can receive a certificate indicating that you have been trained in the use of these tools.

Sustainability 101 covers the fundamental concepts related to sustainability and sustainable development: its source, foundational principles and major practices/frameworks. In addition to reviewing primary resource material, we will also explore the weaving of these concepts through a novella. Don’t just understand the problems; begin to see how the solutions can weave together to create a better life for us all. You’ll end the course with an exploration about where you fit in the picture - what your role might be in creating a sustainable world.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the most pressing sustainability trends, worldwide and in their own region/industry
  • Demonstrate proficiency in systems thinking
  • Describe different sustainability practices/terms/frameworks in common use and explain how they interrelate
  • Apply common strategies in both public andprivate sector situations
  • Identify where they can best contribute to the field of sustainability

This course or the equivalent knowledge is a prerequisite for all of ISSP’s workshops.

S-CORE™ is useful for organizations at all levels of sustainability implementation. Those just starting the sustainability journey can use S-CORE™ to begin the dialogue internally and prioritize next steps.  Organizations already committed to sustainability can use S-CORE™ as a rapid assessment of how well sustainability is being integrated into their corporate culture and practices as well as to benchmark themselves against other organizations. Sustainability leaders can use S-CORE™ to engage stakeholders as well as identify industry best practices and opportunities to collaborate to truly move sustainability forward.


Training is needed to become a S-CORE™ licensee and ISSP will begin offering classes in July, 2014.  ISSP members will receive a discount on the training fee although training is open to all sustainability professionals.