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Sustainability 101 covers the fundamental concepts related to sustainability and sustainable development: its source, foundational principles and major practices/frameworks. In addition to reviewing primary resource material, we will also explore the weaving of these concepts through a novella. Don’t just understand the problems; begin to see how the solutions can weave together to create a better life for us all. You’ll end the course with an exploration about where you fit in the picture - what your role might be in creating a sustainable world.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the most pressing sustainability trends, worldwide and in their own region/industry
  • Demonstrate proficiency in systems thinking
  • Describe different sustainability practices/terms/frameworks in common use and explain how they interrelate
  • Apply common strategies in both public andprivate sector situations
  • Identify where they can best contribute to the field of sustainability

This course or the equivalent knowledge is a prerequisite for all of ISSP’s workshops.

2014 ISSP Sustainability 101

The work area for the Design Team.

Available to enrolled ISSP instructors. The outline provides current how-to for ISSP faculty.

In a few sentences, describe your course content and audience.
My course will train the trainers (presenters) on how to create their 20-minute webcast presentation using the Collaborate system. These presentations will eventually be used in a 10-module self-paced course on communication, written and visual, with 10 guest presenters. Presenters will provide one 20-minute podcast/ webcast/ audio-visual for their module’s presentation.

What type of knowledge will you test? (declarative, procedural, or both).
Using ISSP’s presentation best practices for its technology interface and how to design a presentation, they will be tested mostly on procedural knowledge. The procedural knowledge will test how they maneuver around the interface before we begin and once during the course. It would also be helpful for me to know how well the presenters are progressing in the process of creating, evaluating, analyzing, applying, understanding and remembering.

How will learners know how well they are progressing in your course? (formative assessment).
With so many people involved I need to have a matrix, or formative assessment, to help me keep track of where they are in their understanding and application of the knowledge. This list can be both self-assessed along with my qualitative observations during conversational check-ins.

How will learners know whether they successfully completed your course? (summative assessment).
There are a few stages, or milestones, to the progression through the course. One milestone is demonstration by the presenter to me of how the interface is used. The next is a vetting of the presentation materials to the ISSP standards. And the final is creation of a 20 minute product/presentation. I will be giving them feedback at each stage.

What role will an instructor play in assessing the learners?
I will be offering subjective, qualitative feedback and using the formative tool to stay organized. I will stay in touch via email and Moodle.

Will your assessment tool capture qualitative or quantitative data? Why?
My assessment tool that I will use will capture qualitative data, because I am assessing a visual and audio presentation. To be successful the presenters will have a procedural knowledge of the Collaborate interface and include best practices in the design of their presentation.

To gather quantitative data, the co-presenter peers will assess each others modules. To be valid it's essential that the ranking survey contains the same language used during training.

Will you include formal grading?
I won’t be including formal grading as I’m designing this course as training the trainer on our technology. I think if the milestones are successfully reached that is proven success.