Sustainability, CSR and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) are increasing influencing the financial markets. This video examines topics related to finance as it relates to how social and environmental issues are being incorporated into both traditional and new forms of finance. It explains what is happening in the equity and debt markets, and explores topics such as SRI, the equator principles, institutional investors and shareholder actions, slow money and impact investing related to sustainability.  By the end of this video you will understand both conventional and non-conventional methods of financing such as micro-finance and crowdfunding and recognizes a variety of alternative approaches that support positive social and environmental results.


Module Objectives:

  • Understand how sustainable finance can support investment and management decisions
  • Identify how externalities are being left out of traditional financial statements
  • Understand venture capital, angel and impact investing's place in the sustainability space
  • Analyze non-market financial instruments such as microfinance and crowdfunding